25 May 2010

100 Plus Followers + Graduation!

Guess who's back...back again...
Rae's back, tell a friend :)
Well I'm not gonna lie to you guys & say "OMG I never thought I'd get so many followers" blah blah blah, cuz honestly I did think I would get at least 100 in due time. I mean c'mon now, I don't suck THAT much to not get at least 100 do I??? BUT - what I did NOT think is that you guys would still support me, cuz I really suck at updating my blog. Don't trip just yet, school's out..I'm a high school graduate, & I should have PLENTY of time to update you all now. Yaaaaay! :)


I 'sho do love my momma :)

No, this is not my man. More like family if anything, sheesh.

There's a couple more here, and I'm sure the album will grow within the next few days. Even though I'm sick, I need more cap & gown pictures boo.

To celebrate my reaching of 100 followers, what should I do? Cuz I really don't know. I'll be purchasing a webcam soon, so should I make some type of Youtube video? The possibilities are kinda endless.

P.S. I have a nasty lil' virus or something right now..so I'll be chilling at home for a minute. Perfect time to re-vamp this site, don't you think? ;)