15 August 2010

and i miss you...

Well, I'M back. AGAIN. I'm just gonna give you guys a quick little update on what's been going on since my last post:

* Visiting Dallas, TX from the 24th - 30th + Houston somewhere in there
* Visiting Seattle, WA from Sept 8th - 14th + Canada somewhere in there
* Working like a mad woman at my new job
* Got my camera up & running! Skype me: RaevenMarie
* Almost done redecorating my room! ALMOST.
* Figured out that I'm attending beauty school in January. SCORE.
* Won a giveaway thanks to LiptonTee!
* Thinking about doing a FormSpring...buuut I'm not sure about that one
* Hosting a blog sale VERY soon, stay tuned!

Also, I changed my blog layout. Again.

Love you all!
PS - Here's the song that inspired my blog title. Idk if it's Sade though lol.