14 March 2011

eight am, blogging.

It's officially 8:09am and I'm up blogging. Why am I not asleep, you ask? No, you didn't ask? Oh.

I went to bed around 12am and woke up around 6 something. I'm just in one of those "stuff my face with pancakes then go back to sleep" kind of moods. Matter of fact, I think I'll do that. But first! Let's do some updating...

First off, HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY TO MEEEEEE! My birthday was on February 29th. I really, really wanted to do something to my blog for it..like post pictures for the night out or something, but I'm late for everything and just didn't have time. So I'm showing you a few pictures now.

def have to do an OOTN with this dress, full body pictures. loooove it, too bad my butt looks sucked in as always hahahaha gross
jail pose...lol xx

CAAAAAAAAKE! I strongly believe store-bought birthday cake is the best.

Other than neglecting my blog/going out/partying and having a good time, I've also been reconnecting with a few close friends lately. These two are like my brothers, I've known them for years. And personally, I think we all look alike lol.
Ignore my underwear and focus on the cuteness of our all-black outfits :)