28 November 2010

happy birthday, TDP!

[image courtesy of Google.com]

OMG - I'm so late on this blog post :( TDP (Too Dang Pretty) actually turned a year old on the 21st. I'm such a crappy blogger, I can't even type a birthday blog post on time. *SMH* Anyway, I just wanted to thank you all for EVERYTHING! Thank you for following my blog, following my Twitter, all the nice comments you've posted, etc! Seriously, I remember my very first blog post (http://toodangpretty.blogspot.com/2009/11/bloggalogging.html) and being so excited to enter the blogging world! Then look what happened: EPIC FAIL lol. When I do take the time out to post about something, I must say that it is fun. I just get kinda tired of typing everything, so I'm still debating on what my first YouTube video should be. I'm thinking a haul video, since it's probably the most simple video to edit and create for beginners.

On top of "celebrating" TDP's birthday, I have given my blog an alternative name as well. I'm not sure if it's only temporary or if it'll be permanent, but I've decided to title my blog J'Adore Raeven. If you don't know, J'Adore means "I adore" in French. I kinda want my blog to actually have my name in the title, but I'm not gonna change the URL. That whole "losing your followers/breaking links on blog rolls" thing just sounds so irritating. Which do you prefer, TDP or JR?

Once again, thank you so much everyone! To all those who have stuck with me since the beginning, I love you the most! Stay blessed XOXO

10 November 2010

for the birthday giiiiiirrrrrl.

Laaaaawd, please excuse the mess in the background! Totally forgot to edit that, but anyway, tomorrow is my good friend Lish's birthday! What better way to start off your birthday weekend than by getting your hair done? I just curled it with a small curling iron and did some cute bangs. Well let's not make it sound so simple, this is actually the third hairstyle that I did on her. She loved it, I loved it, EVERYBODY HAP-PAY! *Peter Griffin voice* I'm not sure what the weekend holds, but I'm sure there will be some madness! XOXO

03 November 2010


I've been having some thoughts for awhile..and I've come to realize that blogging doesn't necessarily have to always be about one thing. I find myself visiting certain blogs depending on what I'm interested in at the moment, but why be like most people and stick to one topic? That's just so...boring. And for the guys who follow my blog? Yeah pretty sure you don't wanna wear gold & black eyeliner to match your Supras, Jordans, whatever you people wear nowadays lol. Although I am team Sperry's all the way! But that's beside my point. The point of this loooong introduction is to say: Hey, I'm Raeven. And I have something I wanna get off my chest. So here it goes!

Let's start off with what I want. Yes, how typical. For those of you who don't know, I am a BEAUTY FREAK OF NATURE. I love beauty, natural or unnatural. Makeup, sculptures, paintings, hair, nails, etc. Even great room decor makes me smile like a kid in a candy store. I'll even be starting beauty school here in January if everything goes right. But my biggest fear is this: what happens AFTER beauty school? How do I really start to pursue my dream?

My ultimate dream is to be an all-around stylist and possibly open up my own salon here in Nebraska. In the Black community here, we don't really have people who will do your hair, nails, and makeup all in one spot. Go out to the White communities, yeah they'll probably hook you up. That's not what's up to me, at all. It should be something for EVERYONE out there, that everyone can get to.

Like anyone else, I'll be starting at the bottom of the ladder and working my way up. But where exactly do I start? I would LOVE, LOVE, LOVE to start out as a Freelance MUA while I'm young, do some hair/nails on the side to get my hustle on you know. And becoming a personal shopper to work my way up as a fashion stylist is DEFINITELY up my alley. But because of where I live, I always get stuck. WHERE DO I BEGIN?

So my question to you, my fellow blog-heads, what are some of YOUR goals/dreams and how do YOU achieve them? Feel free to comment on this post or send an email if you feel it's too long or personal of a story..completely up to you! Love you all!