10 November 2010

for the birthday giiiiiirrrrrl.

Laaaaawd, please excuse the mess in the background! Totally forgot to edit that, but anyway, tomorrow is my good friend Lish's birthday! What better way to start off your birthday weekend than by getting your hair done? I just curled it with a small curling iron and did some cute bangs. Well let's not make it sound so simple, this is actually the third hairstyle that I did on her. She loved it, I loved it, EVERYBODY HAP-PAY! *Peter Griffin voice* I'm not sure what the weekend holds, but I'm sure there will be some madness! XOXO


Sharon said...

the hair looks beautiful&so does she. Happy bdae 2her . btw I gav u an award hun

TOXiC said...

I love ur layout oh n Thanks for the comment!!! Please do tell her that TOXiC also wishes her Happy B.day =)

Feel free to follow me on twitter if you have one: @HandsomeTox

gingerSnaps said...

So cute! my daughter has the same hair like you. And i like it very much. Happy Sunday! take care, kisses

♥ Raeven said...

@sharon: thank you, i just posted it on the right-hand side :)

@toxic: thank you, i just changed it again a few hours ago lol. following!

@gingersnaps: you like curly, nappy, afro hair? gross lol j/p. i love my wild hair, & thank you :)