31 January 2011

another good excuse

Bottom left, I look like I just pooted lmao. Hiiiiiii guyyyssss! I have a post that I started to write about a week or two ago, but quickly left my laptop to go out and eat sushi. Don't act like you've never done it.


*January Goals - click here.

If you take a look at my January goals, you will notice that I haven't accomplished SHAT. My monthly goals, phooey. I haven't really done a thing..I swear, January got wild out of nowhere. It's always been a pretty ho-hum month for me, but this year, it was so different.

I did complete two of my goals: I found a good nude lippie, NYX 'Thalia'. If you don't own this, buy it. Get it, got it, good. Looks like I'll be buying another one cuz I've lost mine already..FML. Anyway, I also went out to eat sushi as I said earlier. We have this place in Downtown Omaha called 'Blue'. For many, many years the word "sushi" was always such a turn off. But as I've grown older, I've become more willing to try new things. Let me just tell you that Blue is definitely what's up. I don't even remember what we ate besides the spicy tuna & salmon rolls. We had like four different trays to pick from, and if I tried to order the same thing again, it would be a huge fail!

Speaking of FAIL..look at these pictures from my phone lmao. If you've ever watched 'The Grudge' think back to where that photographer got killed in his lab. I swear the bathroom was set up to look just like that.

Continuing. My most exciting news this month was........
I got to go to Kansas City, KS on a business trip! I was recognized for my hard work at my job (Charlotte Russe) and got to work at two of the stores there. *dougies* Three managers came with me, and we all had way too much fun. It was a very nice and much, much, MUCH needed break away from Omaha. Good food, good fun, good times = MY LIFE :)

How was YOUR weekend? Tell me, tell me, tell meeeeee. <3 you all, MWAH!

09 January 2011

haunting, isn't it?

I always feel like such a ghost when I come back after not blogging for awhile. Which is why I left you that awesomely stank-faced picture of me above, very ghastly looking if I do say so myself ^_^ But if a "blogging ghost" is what you would like to call me, please believe that I do occasionally "haunt" my blog as well as others. Just because I'm not posting anything, doesn't mean that I'm not reading/responding to comments and commenting/viewing other blogs as well! I love blogging, I do. But I feel that I don't have alot to offer my readers right now. ASDFGHJKL.

The start to my new year wasn't the best, alot of arguing & bickering....but it's gotten much, much better. Instead of my usual bullcrap NY Resolutions, I've decided to post monthly accomplishments on my blog. That way I can keep track of how I'm doing when it comes to achieving my goals & how long it takes me to go through each one I post. I think my biggest goal for this month is turning in my application for MAC. Yep, that's right!!