28 June 2010

New Follower? Yessir.

Someone very important to me has gotten back on Twitter. Who could it be?


Haha, follow my big bro & get a free laugh 24/7 :)
* P.S. Yes, he did yell at me about not posting frequently...so I did this to make him happy lol.


Carrie said...

I haven't actually made a twitter. ahha. is it really interesting?

btw, really cute blog. i am now a new follower:D

Rae ♥ said...

it's something i do when i'm pretty bored. fun to connect w/ people tho :)

my brother's just a jerk & yelled at me so i would do a post about him, lmao.

Anonymous said...

Ha ha. That's vute :)

Rae ♥ said...

haha thanks xo