19 July 2010

forever 21 nail polishes

This was requested from one of my followers awhile ago (meaning some WEEKS ago, smdh) so please forgive me for creating this post so freakin' late.

Anyways, let's get to the point:

(LMAO @ me forgetting to crop out that excess garbage in the pics!)

I love, love, love this color! I love lighter pinks on my skin complexion, it makes everything look that much brighter. However, the formula is a bit thin and should probably be applied over a base. You can tell that the color kind of skips and isn't very...umm...smooth? Love it anyways.

I normally apply this on my toes for a colorful French tip. I don't believe I've ever just used it on its own and I see why. The color is pretty in the bottle, I just don't care for how it looks on me. I don't like dark polishes that much besides black when I'm feeling really lazy, so this pink is too dark in my opinion.

BTW, I'm not sure if any of these polishes have a name on them.

I have to give this product a fair rating of 4/5. For less than $4, why not? Just grab a base and a clear nail polish for a little shine :)


lipton|TEE said...

Really like the light pink. That color is really big around this time of year and I'm feeling the shade.

Drea. said...

OmgI love both these colors thank you so much I'm going to pick them up next time I'm at f21.

raeissuchadoll ♥ said...

no problem! & yes i agree, very light shades in general are nice for the summer :)

DesignerSpray said...

Ahhhh, should have grabbed these shades when I was in Abu Dhabi last week! We don't have Forever 21 in the UK, booooo! xx

raeissuchadoll ♥ said...

ahhh that sucks! :(