25 February 2011

try again

If at first you don't succeed (in blogging), try try again. And again. And again. And-a-frickin-gain.

It's Friday morning - I don't know how. I've worked every day this week & today is finally my day off. I'm still trying to figure out how I haven't crapped out my brains yet -__- Well, the little bit that I still have. The month is almost over, spring shall finally be here & this poop weather will be gone! And my 19th birthday is on MONDAAAAY! I couldn't be more excited to turn 19! The last of my teen years..ohhh the joys of growing up. It's not growing up that I'm scared of, it's the thought of "What if my first apartment is ugly & my landlord sucks?" "Who's gonna pay most of my bills?" "What happens when all the Top Ramen is gone? Who's gonna cook for me?" FAAACK.

But anyway, let me update ya'lls like I planned to:

One. 2/14 - Valentine's Day was a little different than what I expected. I didn't do anything besides hang out with my new boo-thang as I like to call him. Such a fruit-cup name right , omfg. I've long said "forget it" and we're just gonna try it all over again for my bday. I'm thinking Hu-Hot Mongolian Grill and getting all fancied up. You can never go wrong with that, right?

Two. Haven't accomplished SQUAT this month for my goals, again. So more than likely, I'll just leave them & carry them over towards March. I have zero motivation, GAWD help me. My biggest goal is to find a good concealer, especially for the under eye area. Sounds pretty silly, but do you see those bags in that picture above?! Laaaawd, bet you I opened up that Photoshop reaaaaal quick. I need to find a good daytime and hot pink lipstick as well. Thinking about trying the ones from Revlon, MAC is just.....

Three. I start beauty school next month. Along with my last vacation before I'm forced to perm hair & fold clothes like there's no tomorrow. Happy times.

That's all my brain can process to tell you for now. Mind you I'm still stuck in 2010. My tummy's rumbling. Maybe I should eat these disgusting powdered donuts laying next to me. Yes I do sleep with snacks in or by my bed. Who has time to go all the way upstairs to make real food? Psssshhhh.

p.s. What shall I do on my day off? Oh the usual: play the Sims 2 til I can't play 'nomo. Love you all.

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